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Hi everyone! I’m back today with a new Produc Focus layout for the Hip Kit Club design team. For this layout I decided to mainly use the cards from the February 2022 Pocket Life Kit.

To start, I apply clear Gesso on a white cardstock to prepare it for inks. Then I select different cards in pink/orange and blue colors. I arrange the cards by superimposing them and making piles on each side of the photo. I then add under the photo crumpled tracing paper and then I distress the edges of all the cards for a worn effect that I like very much.

I assemble the cards by gluing them to each other with a piece of double-sided tape. I make two identical piles in the layout of the cards so that the photo and decorations are easier to add afterwards. I add pieces of cardboard under the photo and under the piles of cards to bring dimension to my layout.

I add several small decorations on the card piles and on the photo too. I chose mainly embellishments of the Pocket Life Kit but also Puffy stickers of the Embellishment kit and Ephemera of the Main kit. These are embellishments of the Happy Heart collection by PinkFresh studio. I add embellishments below the photo by making an accumulation of small things.

I then paste everything on my page and start with the photo in the center. Then I glue the card strip below the photo then the card piles on each side of the photo and finally my accumulation of small things below the photo. I play a flower that I cut out of a card. I add the words « My World » create with the Puffy Stickers alphabet from the Pocket Life Kit that I insert under the accumulation of embellishment.

I then add a little ink. I use the inks of the Color kit. I start with Shimmerz Vibez Sweet Heart ink that I apply randomly by making small area here and there and then I alternate with Shimmerz It’s Mint To Be ink. And I splash at the same time. I finish this layout by splashing black paint diluted with a little water to bring contrast and because I love it!

Here is the result a little closer:

I hope this layout has inspired you in some way today. I really had fun making it using these cards that are just superb. Be sure to watch my process video to see more details:

Thanks for stopping by and watching, I wish you a great creative day!

See you soon…


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Hello !!! My name is Jennifer alias Secrets & Creations and I have been passionate about scrapbooking since 2010. I live in France with a great man, Nicolas and we are business leaders. We have 2 children, Lana and Calvin who are my source of inspiration! I decided to step out of the shadows and share my creations here. I love to create every day, it's my escape ! Thanks for the visit !!!

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