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Hi everyone !!! I’m back today with a new Mixed Media layout for the Hip Kit Club design team showcasing the October 2021 kits. To begin with, I coat a white cardstock with clear Gesso to prepare it for mixed media.

I really wanted to use the Chipboard Nested Frames from the Embellished kit and this beautiful exclusive « Harvest Wishes » paper from the Sweater Weather collection created by Kim Et Kimberly. So I combined the two all simply by sticking a chipboard Frames on the back of the paper and then I cut the inside and outside of the chipboard and I achieved this with several Chipboard Frames.

I want to make a horizontal layout with the photo on top. I then make a frame for the photo as before and I want more frame around to make a personalized and original background so I still place several Chipboard Frames. I apply Gesso on the glued frames so that they blend into the cardstock. With a large brush, I apply the Gesso directly to the Frames by making circular movements.

Before adding the other Frames, I add underneath 3D foam and I distress the edges. I really fell in love with this flowery paper. I couldn’t not use it and that way I found it rather fun! I will now add a little ink before gluing the flowery Frames. So I use the Nuvo Crystal Drop Auburn Pearl which I dilute a little with water. And I apply the ink randomly without trying to do something sharp. Just in a few places, horizontally.

Once everything is dry, I then glue all the flowery Frames. I then prepare the photo by adding just crumpled tracing paper underneath to bring texture and to blur the edges. It’s the kind of family photo I love! It’s a bit fuzzy but I loved it so much that I couldn’t resist using it. A photo that represents how our photo shoots end every time! I then add cardboard underneath to bring volume once glued and the Frame on the photo.

I can now move on to decoration. I cut out several small flowers of the flower paper to be able to add them everywhere on the Frames. If I can I glue the same flower that there is on the Frames with 3D foam for a layering effect that I like very much.

I then add a « This Is So Us » sticker in the flowers and then the « Amazing » stickers at the top of the photo from the Embellishment kit. I add the Die Cuts « Together » at the bottom of the photo and over a Chipboard « So Grateful for our life together » from the Pocket Life kit. I then incid a lot of sheets cut out of the floral pattern paper to bring movement and volume too. I add mini orange flowers here and there and glue all the leaves.

I then add some Clear Stickers to finish this decoration. I stick the blue Sticker on a cardstock that I cut to stick it at the top of the photo and thus make it stand out. I then finish this layout with splashes of Nuvo Crystal Drop diluted with a little water to harmonize everything.

Here is more close-up :

I hope this layout has you some ideas for a future project. I loved making it and especially I love the very simple and fast background but great graphic! And the color of the ink is just beautiful, too bad it doesn’t show well here. Be sure to watch the video of the process to see more details:

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful day full of creativity.

See you soon…


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Hello !!! My name is Jennifer alias Secrets & Creations and I have been passionate about scrapbooking since 2010. I live in France with a great man, Nicolas and we are business leaders. We have 2 children, Lana and Calvin who are my source of inspiration! I decided to step out of the shadows and share my creations here. I love to create every day, it's my escape ! Thanks for the visit !!!

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