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Hi Creative Friends !!! Here is a new layout created for the HipKitClub design team. For this page I have used the awesome « Macrame Dream Catcher » cut file and July 2021 kits.

To start, I coat a white cardstock with clear Gesso to prepare the page for inks and thus help strengthen the cardstock and I glue the dream catcher directly on the background as well as the feathers. I cut out the design with my Silhouette Cameo in watercolor paper but with a cardstock it will work too. I apply clear Gesso by making circular movements to distribute the primer evenly.

When everything is dry, I can apply the inks. I’m starting with the Shimmerz Inklingz Sun Kissed ink from the Color kit. I apply this ink with a brush all over the place and with a little water, I run the ink and I spread it. I apply the ink mainly on the dream catcher and the feathers. I add Shimmerz Vibez Mustard Seed ink nuances. I intensify the colors with the Shimmerz Creameez Berry Hot ink from the Color kit that I apply here and there and I also add the Shimmerz Vibez Mango Tango ink by alternating and mixing the two inks.

So I continue with another dream catcher identical to the one at the back and I will stick on each spoke of the white DMC wire to give the illusion of a real dream catcher. I tried to sew the spokes with my sewing machine but the spokes are too fine and I was not successful! So I had this very simple and quick idea, but it really gives the illusion I wanted. I just apply glue on the spoke and stick the wire on it! And I do this on all the spokes and around the dream catcher.

I create flowers with the exclusive « Flip Flops » cut file cut from the beautiful « Mystery » pattern paper from the exclusive « Flourish » collection by Kim and Kimberly. I cut them out in three different sizes to make three big blossoms of three blossoms each. I also cut the feathers out of this same patterned paper.

For the photo, I add crumpled tracing paper underneath to add texture and blur the edges. So for the flowers, I want to keep some petals so I glue the petals with the 3D foam that I place on the petal and on the center of the flower so the petal is maintained and I can lift the edges of the flower for a great effect of dimension. I distress the edges of each feather before gluing them with 3D foam on the bottom feathers by shifting them a little and thus let the bottom feathers appear. And I add flowers with a yellow pattern on it. I put the flowers together to create my trio of large flowers. I add 3D foam therefore under each petals as before and then I glue them by three, one on top of the other, from the smallest to the largest. And so I have three big flowers.

I glue the dream catcher on the back one with 3D foam to create volume. So I glue a lot of very thin piece of 3D foam under the sensor and then I glue it. I add the title with the Puffy Alphabet from the Main kit. I chose the word « Dreamer » which corresponds perfectly with the cut file and with the photo of my daughter in full reflection! I place the title along the dreamcatcher in an arc. I then add another flower at the beginning of the title and I glue the photo then the trio of flowers and I insert feathers with a yellow pattern around the flowers. I place more flowers at the end of the title, on the photo and I add more feathers in the big flowers.

I add white DMC thread to the dreamcatcher rings to give the illusion too that the feathers are attached to the dreamcatcher like a real one. Then I make a simple knot in the ring of the dream catcher, I leave one of length and I tie the thread by making a simple knot also in the ring of the feather. And I put a dab of glue on the knots so that they do not come undone and I cut the threads that protrude. I repeat the operation with each feather. I also add threads between the feathers simply tied to a ring of the dream catcher and with my fingernails I pinch the thread and pull outward so that it loops and if that doesn’t work I use a scissor. I put a few dots of glue under the threads so that they do not move and to freeze the movement.

I add a beautiful Wood Veneer moon from the Embellishment kit and a little pink Ephemera heart from the Main kit. I add a little yellow patterned flower on top of the big flowers to break up all that pink here a bit and add some cute Wood Veneer leaves. I add some pink buds from the Embellishment kit under the big flowers and in the center of the flower which is at the end of the title and I add white half pearls everywhere. I add a lot, in the center of the flowers, near the feathers in a cluster of three half pearls of different size and then near the title, on the photo, well everywhere! I finish with splashes of white Gesso diluted with a little water to harmonize everything

Here are some more close-ups:

I love the result, it’s really what I had in mind and I’m happy to have achieved it. A colorful, Girly page with a poetic twist. Hope you liked this layout and can be inspired for a future project. Be sure to watch the video of the process to see all the details:

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful day full of creativity !

See you soon…


Publié par Jennifer Rambert

Hello !!! My name is Jennifer alias Secrets & Creations and I have been passionate about scrapbooking since 2010. I live in France with a great man, Nicolas and we are business leaders. We have 2 children, Lana and Calvin who are my source of inspiration! I decided to step out of the shadows and share my creations here. I love to create every day, it's my escape ! Thanks for the visit !!!

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