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Hi everyone !!! I’m back with a new layout for the Hip Kit Club design team. To make this page, I focused on this Obed Marshall pattern paper from the « Buenos Dias » collection which is simply beautiful and is part of the May 2021 main kit.

I start by cutting out all the continents in this patterned paper. The cut is quite long and precise with lots of small details that are important. I then coat a white cardstock with clear Gesso before adding the inks. Then I use the pieces of paper as a template to replace the continents and thus roughly trace the exact position of the continents in pencil so that I can add the inks without going too far. I am using the inks from the May 2021 color kit. These are the Art Philosophy of Prima Marketing.

I start with the color Marigold. Using a piece of rodoid, I apply the ink to the marks without going too far. I really want there to be ink only around the continents and especially not to cover the whole page. So the continents will be highlighted with these bright colors and that’s what I want here. I also don’t want to overload the page with too much ink all over the place. The continents are already taking up a lot of space ! I add the Tangerine color on a few areas. I add Shimmerz Christmas Cheer ink in a few spots and splash a few too.

I replace the scraps of paper so that I can glue the continents in their place. I decided to highlight this world map with a bit of sewing ! So I start by making the holes all around the continents with fairly regular spaces. I use a big needle and a thick foam underneath, super handy for doing this ! When all the holes are done, I move on to the sewing. So I use DMC embroidery thread and I will therefore use several colors to go around the continents and thus respect the colors of the pattern papers. With this seam, we have the impression that the continents stand out from the page ! This creates a different dimension with a relief effect.

I continue with the decoration. So it will be very simple so as not to cover the seams and the continents too much and not to overload the layout. I place my photo and I had the idea to make clusters of embellishments on each continent including a Die Cuts or Stickers round and Dies Cuts or Stickers flowers. I chose flowers in accordance with the colors of the continents. I add the title « Our Happy Place » created with the alphabet stickers from the Stickers Book of the Wonder collection By Paige Evans from the Pocket Life kit from May 2021. I also add some butterflies cut from the pattern paper of the Wonder collection also from the Main Kit of May 2021.

For the photo, I just layer some crumpled tracing paper and a piece of leftover pattern paper from the map below, then a piece of cardboard to add volume. I glue the butterflies by rounding the wings for a movement effect and I add some Enamel Dots here and there near the circles and around the photo. I finish with splashes of Shimmerz Christmas Cheer inks for the shiny side and Gesso diluted with water to harmonize it all !

More close-up:

Hope you liked this layout and inspired you for a future project. I loved making it and above all I loved getting back to sewing by hand. Be sure to watch my video of the process for more details:

Thanks for stopping by I wish you a beautiful day full of creativity !

See you soon…


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Hello !!! My name is Jennifer alias Secrets & Creations and I have been passionate about scrapbooking since 2010. I live in France with a great man, Nicolas and we are business leaders. We have 2 children, Lana and Calvin who are my source of inspiration! I decided to step out of the shadows and share my creations here. I love to create every day, it's my escape ! Thanks for the visit !!!

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